Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is the rearing of an ugly face of a marriage in trouble.

When a spouse disrespects and assaults the other spouse in various manners, then these acts to intimidate, humiliate and injure a spouse constitutes domestic violence.

My husband or wife slaps me and insults me when he or she gets angry? Is this domestic violence and what can i do to stop this type of behaviour?

The answer to your question is an emphatic, YES.

A single act, be it a slap or insult is deemed as domestic violence.

Domestic violence can take many forms:-

  • Threats to injure;
  • Physical abuse;
  • Emotional abuse to belittle and humiliate dignity and integrity
  • Verbal and vulgar language used to berate;
  • Intimidation to harass, stalk, damage items of personal nature or of furniture to display anger and threats;
  • Belittling and defaming the other spouse to injure reputation and dignity
  • Failing to give funds for personal and household expenses and to maintain the family;
  • Sexual abuse to include raping, performing of non-consensual acts of sex or forced to do or watch sexual acts;
  • Threats to family members with the intent to isolate and to cause bad family relations;
  • Overbearing and far reaching discipline in both words and deeds;
  • The law now forbids a child from being physically beaten.

When a spouse is subjecting the other spouse to these previously mentioned violent acts, then the aggrieved spouse can approach the police in an emergency as well as the court for relief. A case will be opened against the perpetrator for committing these acts of domestic violence.

Who Can Be Identified as an Abuser?

  • Current spouse;
  • Divorced spouse;
  • Family relatives;
  • Persons with whom you had a relationship with, be it casual or an intimate relationship;
  • House mate;
  • Parent or child as well as adopted parent and child.

What Happens When I Start with This Process?

The prosecutor takes over the case. The Magistrate rules over the matter and a final order is given. The police serve the Final Order.

Should the perpetrator violate the Order, then a warrant for their arrest will be issued and the perpetrator shall be arrested. They have a judgment against them for 30 years.

The Final Order protects the spouse and the family from further acts of domestic violence.