Disciplinary Hearings

Fair or unfair

Both the employer and employee have rights and they have to follow a fair process at a disciplinary hearing.

1) A Disciplinary meeting must be set up and parties informed to make a representation.
2) They can bring witnesses and an interpreter, if need be.
3) The employee is allowed representation of a co-worker, shop steward or union representation.
4) Impartial party to preside over meeting.

When the employee does not accept the decision, then the matter is referred to CCMA or Relevant Bargaining Council.
If the employee is found guilty of the transgression, the employer can choose to do the following:

a) Give verbal or written warning;
b) Suspend without pay; and
c) Demotion or dismissal

Come and talk to us when you are uncertain of your rights and we represent both Employer and Employee.