So that You Know Who we are:
Was established by the amalgamation of the Firms:

MATHEW PRAVDA - B.A (Law) LLB — (Senior Partner) - The Firm was established by Mathew Pravda.

Shortly after serving Articles of Clerkship with Du Toit, Havemm & Krog in 1990, he immediately opened a practice in Association with David Just & Company.

During 1999 he relocated from Sailsbury Centre, Smith Street to his current Business Address. Mathew attributes his success to a positive attitude, hard work and dedication. Mathew has recently obtained his Rights of Appearance in the High Court.

Mathew specializes in the field of Family Law, Commercial Law and Litigation and as fundamentally involved in the High Court Litigation.


ANISHA TOORAY - B.A (Law) LLB Graduated from the University of Westville Durban. She served her  contract of employment as a Candidate Attorney, with Attorneys Bekker & Van Der Merwe.

Anisha was, entrusted to handle the Civil, Litigation, Third Party and the Estate Department. Shortly thereafter she joined the firm of Boulle Saad & Levin, whereafter she was entrusted to handle the running of the Litigation Estate, Trust, liquidation Division and she primarily attended to all the estates trusts, drawing of wills advising on Wills drawn by other banks and financial instructions and liquidating close corporations and companies. She joined First National bank and obtained exposure in dealing with commercial work, handling corporate clients, investments and trust administrations.

She is entrusted in assisting with the management of the firm, as well as public relations of the Firm. Her portfolio is diverse and ranges from estate trusts, drafting Wills & Family Law Litigation.

In 1997, She  spearheaded the Total Women Project to empower women of their legal Rights and held carious public seminars. She has been integrally involved in assisting both women and men in domestic violence and other arrears of family strife.


Is from the “Old School”. He qualified with a degree from UNISA after serving four years of Articles and was admitted as an Attorney in 1979.

Experienced in a general Practice, Roger has been one of Durban’s most prominent Family Law Specialists for the last fifteen years. For seven years, he appeared in the High Court, doing the work of an Advocate.

Roger divides his time between the practice of Law and his alternative career as a writer, speaker and a trainer, he is also married to Charlotte for more than thirty years. They have two sons, Chris and Grant. For more information on Roger Knowles go to his websites for details: and



ANDRE TERBLANCHE - B Proc (U.O.F.S) - Graduated from University of the Orange Free State in 1994. He completed his articles with a leading law firm in Bloemfontein and was admitted as an Attorney and Notary in 1996.

Andre, specializes in Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Trusts, Contracts, Property Development and Business Law.

Regarded as a leading Business and Commercial Law expert in Kwa-Zulu Natal, he has been appointed as the CEO of Praetor Consulting Group, a recognized, tactical boutique consulting company, focused on providing a range of Business consulting services to companies worldwide.